On a mission to improve investment decisions and financial well-being...

Professor of Financial Economics, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Associate Professor for Fintech - Experimental Finance, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Why do individuals, even financial professionals, often make sub-optimal decisions? And what can we do about it? 

Many answers can be found in psychology. Therefore, I conduct fundamental and practically relevant research in behavioral finance, with the aim to understand investor behavior and support individuals and organizations to make better decisions. Given comtemporary developments, I take into account the ongoing digitization in the financial industry (FinTech) and also sustainability considerations. My work has been  published in many journals inlcuding The Review of Financial Studies, Management Science and the Review of Finance. I am affiliated with the Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab. Further, I am Scientific Board Member Society for Experimental Finance and Associate with BhFS Behavioural Finance Solutions, Zurich, Switzerland. In the latter I use my insights to consult banks and insurance companies to improve their products and services. I have been teaching relevant courses at 10+ institutions world-wide on all levels including exec education.

Featured Research

What is Risk? 

Key finding: Investors perceive risk not as so much as volatility but more as the probability to lose 

Why Do People (Not) Invest? The Role of Return and Risk Expectations

Key finding: The reason why so many people do not invest in stock markets is driven to a large extent by wrong beliefs about the risks, not only by risk aversion.

Arbitrage in the Market for Cryptocurrencies

published in Journal of Financial Markets

Key finding: Arbitrage opportunities in markets for cryptocurrencies have disappeared since 2017. 

Do Investors Care About Impact?

publishes in RFS (Lead Article)

Key finding: Investors have a willingness to pay for impact, but they are largely unwilling to pay more for higher impact. So, the level of impact does not matter.


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