Teaching Experience


Over the last more than two decades I have been teaching on three continents at a dozen of different academic institutions and at all levels, from bachelor and master degrees, PhDs up to executives. The class sizes vary from 10 to to 800 students.  Additionally, I supervised more than 100 theses (seminar, bachelor and master), more than 100 term papers and several PhD students with their theses. I was awarded with the senior best teacher award at the Nijmegen School of Management one year after I started. I constantly aim at improving my teaching skills and outcomes.

Courses taught:

Academic Writing (average class size: 50 students)

Advanced Behavioral Finance (35 students)

Advanced Microeconomics for Business Administration (100)

Behavioral Finance and Decision Theory (20)

Corporate Finance (700)

Decisions in Healthcare Economics (30)

Economics of Financial Regulation for Law (30)

Empirical data analysis (30)

Experimental Finance (30)

Financial Regulation (60)

Finance and investments (30)

Finance seminar (20)

Foundations of Management (20)

Mathematics for Economists (100)

Introduction to Management: Finance (50)

Investor Psychology (10)

Principles of Finance (80)

Topics in Financial Economics (70)